We make it simple to create a best in class sustainability program by simplifying impact, empowering businesses with science-backed solutions from climate experts, and helping engage your employees along the way.

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Here's how it works.

1. Your company produces carbon emissions

Emissions can come from unexpected places including your daily commute, electric lighting, data servers, and air travel.

2. We invest in carbon negative projects on your behalf

Planting trees, wind and solar farms, renewable energy—These projects all help remove carbon from our atmosphere.

We invest in green projects for a sustainable future.

Natural Solutions

Sir David Attenborough said, "Restoring biodiversity on Earth is the only way out of the crisis we have created. And that, in turn, means ‘rewilding’ the world, re-establishing the balance between the human world and the rest of nature, step by step.” At Green Places, we believe natural solutions are a critical component of a climate strategy

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Renewable Energy

Currently, around 60% of the United States energy comes from fossil fuels. If we are going to reach a more sustainable future - switching the fuel we use will be central to our success. This category is important to us because it involves changing our energy infrastructure so that we stop adding to the climate problem.

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Emerging Technologies

We believe it's going to take more than just offsets to get us to our global climate goals -- this is where emerging tech comes in. These are cutting edge methodologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The process, a form of carbon sequestration, pulls carbon from the atmosphere

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Read how these leaders have made sustainability a priority.

Popular On-Demand Car Care Company, Spiffy, is Going Carbon Neutral Says CEO Scot Wingo

Spiffy is an on-demand car care company on a mission to revolutionize the car care experience everywhere. They go directly to fleets, office parks, and individual car owners to clean vehicles, change oil, install tires, and perform other preventative maintenance, all through contactless service. The Spiffy Green™ process has saved Read More

Fast-Growing Raleigh Startup, Levitate, Goes Carbon Neutral, Employees are Overjoyed

Levitate is a keep-in-touch marketing software designed to help small businesses stay in contact with their network in a more personalized way. With over 120 employees and 2,600 clients, they were recently voted amongst the Best Large Start-Ups in Raleigh Read More

John Rosar Envisions a Sustainable Recruiting Firm at REVGEN, Comments on What Hires Are Looking For

REVGEN is on a mission to develop skilled sales individuals who represent their customers through unique and enjoyable interactions. The company sources, trains, and prequalifies applicants for internal and external sales positions. So how does sustainability fit Read More