We make sustainability attainable

We’re here to unlock sustainability for all businesses. We believe that every business has the power to make a difference. Our job is to make sustainability something every business can achieve by simplifying impact, and empowering businesses with easy tools and science backend solutions from climate experts

40,750 metrics tons of carbon offsets

8,859 vehicles off the road

1.5M miles flown by airlines

850 average US households

10,187 individual footprints

Alex Lassiter / Founder & CEO

Alex founded Green Places to make sustainability accessible for small businesses. As a business owner himself, he realized that it was difficult to do a great job on the climate while also running the day-to-day operations of the business. He's hoping to make that easier for business owners everywhere. Alex has worked with thousands of small business owners over the past 10+ years, and is passionate about helping them be successful. Prior to founding Green Places, Alex co-founded Gather a leading software for the hospitality industry. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cullen Duval / Customer Specialist & Marketing Intern

Cullen is a current Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill. He has always had a passion for science and sustainability, which is why he spent two years focusing on mosquito research prior to joining the Green Places team.

Jesse Lipson / Board Member & Investor

As the founder of ShareFile and now Levitate, Jesse has spent decades working with small businesses all over the world. He is passionate about making an impact on the environment, and his community. He, his wife Brooks and dog Cecil live in Raleigh NC

Frequently Asked Questions

A carbon offset is a certificate representing the offsetting of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions. The price of a carbon offset varies based on its type. We purchase our carbon offsets in one of three designated fields: natural solutions, renewable energies, and emerging technologies. To read more about the different types of offsets we purchase please click here.

Our carbon calculator is fueled from research from University of California Berkeley's CoolClimate Project where they employ “consumption based greenhouse gas accounting” -- a comprehensive methodology used by governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations throughout the United States and internationally.

Companies that are carbon neutral offset the same amount of carbon as they produce. For example, if your company produces 100 tons of carbon, we would purchase 100 carbon offsets so that you have a net-zero impact on the world.

We work with a network of climate experts including academics, researchers and heads of sustainability to determine the right projects -- our focus is on verifiable, trusted, high-impact projects that have demonstrated measurable additionality

Offsets are not the best solution for all businesses, however for many small businesses, especially those who don't have large footprints, they are a great way to deliver high impact, especially when it comes as part of a sustainability plan.

It's our belief that if we are going to reach global climate goals -- there has to be a solution for everyone. Currently, small businesses don't have a simple and practical way to make an impact -- we're changing that

If you have a small footprint then that is great news -- this can be an easy decision for you! Think of the impact you'll make by encouraging others and leading by example -- many small footprints can make a huge impact on the planet