Kevel, a Tech Company, Might Not Have the Largest Footprint, but They are Still Going Carbon Neutral. "We’re all adults, and adults clean up after themselves." said CEO James Avery

As a tech company, Kevel does not have the largest carbon footprint, so why are they going carbon neutral? For CEO and founder James Avery, the small footprint was just another reason to decide to go fully neutral. “We don't have that big of a carbon footprint, and that's great; it's actually pretty cheap to offset, so why not do it?” said Avery.

For Kevel, going carbon neutral aligns with their current core company values. Being in tech, they have always attempted to make the internet a better place, now they are expanding that idea, according to Kevel’s VP of Marketing, Chris Shuptrine. “It’s not such a leap to say, hey, it's not just the internet that needs to be a better place, it's the world as well”, said Shuptrine.


         While going carbon neutral seems like a modern idea, Avery saw the decision as a way to return to when businesses were more invested in their community and employees. “I like the old days, where you had a company… and it felt like they owed something to the employees and community,'' said Avery. This ‘traditional care’ is why Avery believes employees want to work for Kevel. 


         Kevel puts a focus on employee care. Their Employee Bill of Rights, which can be found on their website, is their unchanging values and guarantees to their employees. Now, by going carbon neutral, a new value will be added. Avery thinks that this additional value will help Kevel stand out to prospective employees. “It's a super-competitive marketplace,” said Avery. “I think things like this are things we can add to our values. We can add it to what we share with employees or prospective employees to really show them that we've gone the extra mile to not make the problem worse.”


         Through their work with Green Places, Avery believes Kevel’s doing their part. “Our number one core value is that we’re adults,” said Avery. “We’re all adults, and adults clean up after themselves. This is how we’re doing it.”

Since it's conception, Sift has wanted to do what they can to help the environment. Now, They are Going Carbon Neutral

Sift, a global advertising service with international web servers, has always wanted to be a green company but never knew how. “My co-founders and I were bouncing ideas around and we were racking our brains trying to figure out some way we could even start a green company… Unfortunately, we didn't have any expertise or ideas.” said founder and CEO Jud Bowman.

  • By Cullen Duval
  • 2 min read