Sustainability Really Matters to Employees

Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for business.

  • By Sarah O'Dea
  • 5 min read
“Employees are no longer just looking for a place to get their next paycheck. They want to be a part of a company that aligns with their values and I think that this [being a sustainable business] is one more way we can engender pride within our employees.” - Todd Olson, Founder and CEO, Pendo

Data shows that sustainable businesses outperform their competition, recruit the strongest candidates, and have higher employee retention. And, here’s why. 

Survey results of people between the ages of 18-34 reveal that sustainability really matters to today’s workforce. 

46% of survey participants think about climate change on a regular basis. 

This climate anxiety is influencing everyday decisions, including where people work. When asked, 63% of those surveyed agreed that businesses should play a role in sustainability, and 43% feel their employer could be doing more to help the environment. 

Recruiting top talent is key to being competitive. In order to do that, businesses need to implement sustainable practices, because 42% of those applying for new jobs take into consideration a company’s sustainability initiatives. 

And, a lack of effort to reduce your carbon footprint can push top employees out the door. 36% of those surveyed agree that a poor sustainability record is an incentive to look for a new job. 

Stef Walton is the Director of Human Resources at ArchiveSocial, and she understands the importance of corporate transparency when it comes to sustainability. 

“Before people join the ArchiveSocial team, they want to know what we are doing as a company to be good community citizens,” said Walton. “People are expecting a lot more from their workplace, they expect them to be making an impact, by going carbon neutral I think our current and future employees will be more intertwined with the business.” 

So, as a business, you can’t afford to disregard your impact on the environment. But, where do you begin? The quest to become a more eco-friendly business can be overwhelming, especially for companies that don't have dedicated resources to manage sustainability initiatives. 

We can help. Green Places exists because we believe every company has the power to make a difference. Let us help you calculate your carbon footprint and start your journey to becoming a Green Place to Work!