121 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2021.
That’s like taking 26 cars off the road,


Our sustainable initiatives

NextRequest aims to reduce our carbon emissions and waste as much as possible. This commitment involves rethinking and adjusting our personal actions. We’ve implemented this in a few ways: 1. Switched from a physical office to an all-remote virtual company which has eliminated commute travel. 2. Engage in carpool or public transportation for group travel to attend team activities. 3. From our product to our tools, we are all digital and have eliminated paper usage. 4. Advocate environmental friendly wellness activities such as nature walks, gardening, or litter picking. 5. Facilitate dialogue on sustainability tips to promote compost and recycling activities. 6. Make conscious earth-friendly purchases as much as possible.

Come work with us!

NextRequest is a mission driven company whose products provide service for communities to access public records in a transparent manner. We have a friendly collaborative work environment driven to constantly improve our product and operational processes. NextRequest fosters a culture of balancing work and life through our work flexibility. We understand and value the importance of diversity, wellness, and professional development which is ingrained into our practices and processes. We also feel the responsibility for a better society through volunteering, community advocacy and conducting employee training to promote diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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