2181 metric tons

of carbon offset since 2021.
That’s like taking 474 cars off the road,


Our sustainable initiatives

At SalesLoft, we exist to make lives better - the lives of our customers, our partners, our employees, and the world. We are committed to standing up for what we believe in and doing our part to ensure the world is a healthy, diverse, and inclusive place where we can all live our best lives. Lofters take our responsibility seriously. We believe that climate is a global issue and that we have a duty to invest in keeping our planet clean. Working together, we will operate in an energy-efficient way to reduce the environmental impact of our business and conserve the earth’s resources.

Come work with us!

People want to join SalesLoft because we exist to make lives better; the lives of our customers, salespeople, and our employees. Our founders started SalesLoft to create a place where people could learn more, do more, and become more through service to others. We have five core values ingrained in our culture: put customers first, team over self, glass half full, focus on results, and bias towards action. We’ve fostered outstanding organizational health with investment in two key areas. First, there’s a common thread among the people we hire: they embody our core values, are hardworking, driven, and customer-obsessed with a lot of heart. At SalesLoft, everyone can be their authentic selves. Here, diversity is celebrated and inclusion is expected. Second, our employees have the best benefits in the game. Our benefits support the unique needs of Lofters (SalesLoft employees) -- from helping new parents and saving for retirement, to supporting mental and physical health and enabling workplace flexibility. . The proof is in the pudding: we are frequently recognized for our award-winning culture by Atlanta’s Best Places to Work, Glassdoor Best Places to Work, Fortune's Best Workplaces, Comparably's Best Places to Work, and Inc.‘s Best Workplaces.

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