Sustainable To Go

bartaco is working to reduce its footprint by adopting more sustainable takeout containers, bags and utensils in an effort to reduce it's waste

  • By Team
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bartaco has implemented a program to reduce its waste by taking a deeper dive into their takeout business. There are four main initiatives here:


  • Compostable to-go containers made from biodegradable natural sugarcane, as well as PLA lids made from NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA compostable plastic derived from corn grown in the USA and composts in 2-4 months in a commercial facility

100% recyclable to-go bags which are produced from reused/recycled paper material sourced from various paper mills across the USA


Tongs made from bamboo, which is considered extremely renewable and sustainable since it is very fast growing. once bamboo is harvested, it only takes 3-5 years for a new bamboo stalk to reach full height, compared to trees, which can take 20+ years to reach full height.


To-go salad bowls made from molded fiber pulp compostable bases with recyclable plastic lids